Sunday, February 12, 2012

my body paint priject

The city tribe
Kitti’s Cat Walk Show - Concept

Since the beginning of human history the practice of body painting has been used by prehistoric peoples & tribal cultures throughout the world. 

Bodies were adorned in many colours & used for ceremonial occasions, to identify key individuals such as chiefs, witch-doctors & spiritualists within a tribe or simply used as a way of self identification within daily existence.

In war, body paint was used to signify a state of hostility & to frighten off living and ghost-like enemies. 

Many believed earth pigments could enhance inner powers - red for war, white for peace, yellow for death were just a few of the symbolic colours used as earth, mineral & animal pigments were adorned all over their bodies and faces.

Much like women today who put on make-up in the mornings, our ancestors practiced the same daily ritual. 

Today we embrace a variety of forms of body adornments, creating a sumptuous visual display & turning each decorated person into a vibrant and unique work of art.
Kitti’s cat walk show is therefore a way of signifying the individual's place within society today, marking a special moment - to celebrate a transition in life, by simply NOT following the fashion!

You have your own beauty and you don't have to listen to the media, or trends or fashion.

Be Yourself.
Be Bold.
Be Beautiful.